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The Fredericksburg, Free Lance Star publishes great article on Patsy and the Country Classics.
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Country Music News International gives excellent review of "PATSY AND THE COUNTRY CLASSICS Now Appearing" CD.
Patsy & the Country Classics wins the 2014 Traditional Country CD of the Year award from the National Traditional Country Music Association.  The band will perform at the award ceremony upon acceptance of the award October 3-5 in Fremont, Nebraska.
Jan 20
Patsy one of 6 finalists in the 87th Shenandoah Apple Blossom's "Got Talent" contest.
Patsy and the Country Classics publish their second CD, "Living the Dream".
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Patsy Godley wins the 2014 Ms. Virginia Senior America Pageant.
Patsy Godley was crowned the 2014 Ms. Senior America on Thursday October 30th, 2014 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Having been the winner of the Ms. Virginia Senior America Pageant in July, she was sent to Atlantic City where she competed in and won the Ms. Senior America Pageant. 42 states were represented in the pageant and contestants were judged on a scored judges’ interview, talent, evening gown competition and presentation of an original life philosophy. Patsy’s rendition of “Leaving On Your Mind” by Patsy Cline was a real crowd pleaser, and she was so happy to be able to tell everyone that the track she used for the song was none other than her band, Patsy & the Country Classics. This song is featured on the band’s first CD, “Now Appearing” which won the 2014 Traditional Country Music CD of the year award. Patsy is honored to be chosen for this wonderful opportunity, and also hopes it opens many more doors for the band as well.   Read More…
Patsy - crowned Ms. Senior America
Patsy -Winner of Ms. Virginia Senior America
Patsy - Finalist in Apple Blossom's 
Talent 2014!
of the 2014 Traditional Country Music CD of the 
Jul 17
Oct 30
Patsy’s reign as Ms. Senior America is almost over and she will be travelling to Atlantic City, NJ in October to crown the new queen. In the meantime, she has been attending many events, including State Pageants, as well as participating in showcases and parades. Speaking of parades she was able to pull “double duty” in Staunton VA on July 4th. She rode in the America’s First Birthday Celebration parade as Ms. Senior America the morning of July 4th and then sang that evening in Patsy and the Country Classics. It was an amazing honor for the band to be invited to headline an event that was performed by the Statler Brothers for many years. They look forward to many more adventures like this one! 
Dec 12
It has been a wonderful year for Patsy & the Country Classics! The band has played some exciting, fun events this past year and looks forward to even more in 2016! A few highlights include being the headlining band in Staunton for July 4th (once performed by the incredible Statler Brothers) and being one of the bands in the lineup for Ronnie McDowell at the Fishersville Auto & Truck Show. Patsy crowned the new Ms. Senior America in Atlantic City last October. The new video, The Promise, shows another side of the band that is near and dear to their hearts. And as you can see from the picture, the band has also acquired a bus. We stand ready to continue to do our Patsy Cline Tribute shows, play your events and dances, and do gospel shows as well. Happy 2016!  
2016 was such a busy year we didn’t have time for updates! That’s a good place to be, right? There were many awesome happenings in 2016 but the highlight for Patsy, especially, was being asked to sing with David Frizzell at the Fishersville Big Truck and Expo Show. Not only is David an incredibly talented performer, but he and his wife, Jo, are gracious and giving people. When David called Patsy up to the stage to sing with him, she was blown away. Patsy & the Country Classics has had the honor of performing with a lot of “stars” but David Frizzell has been the brightest star yet.  
Jan 24
Feb 16
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Jul 19
On Sunday, October 8th, Patsy & the Country Classics performed to a sold out show at the Westmoreland Players Theater in Callao, VA. The show was called "An Afternoon of Traditional Country Music with a Special Tribute to Patsy Cline" and was presented in two Acts. Patsy delivered a Patsy Cline Tribute integrating a history of country music during Patsy Cline's time to include female country artists that were influenced by Patsy Cline, as well as highlighting male artists that were also prominent at that time. The attached is a review that appeared in the local paper.  Read More…
Oct 8
Patsy and the Country Classics released their third CD called The Promise.  Go to the Shop page from the top menu to buy your copy today! Click the Read More button to view the CD Review as published by Country Music News International.  Read More…
Dec 15
Patsy & the Country Classics received their second review of their newly released third CD "The Promise" entitled "A radiant new CD by Patsy and the Country Classics." Thank you Ed Simmons, Jr. of The Caroline Progress! It just doesn't get any better than this!  Read More…
Jan 11
May 10
Patsy & the Country Classics received news from the National Traditional Country Music Association (NTCMA) that their Rural Roots Commission has selected our latest CD "The Promise" for their "Classic Country Gospel CD of the Year" award. This is the second award NTCMA has honored us with, choosing our first CD "Now Appearing" as their "Traditional Country CD of the Year" award a few years ago.
of the 2018 Classic Country
Gospel CD of the year
Oct 6
October, 2018: Patsy & the Country Classics received the USA Rural Roots Music Commission National 2018 “Classic Country Gospel” CD of the Year award for the their third CD, “The Promise”. The Rural Roots Commission is a subsidiary of the National Traditional Country Music Association. This is the second award the band has received from the NTCMA Rural Roots Commission and their second trip to Fremont, Nebraska. They were awarded the 2014 “Traditional Country CD of the Year” for their first CD entitled “Now Appearing.” The trip is about 2500 miles for the band, and we say every single mile was worth it! As we were leaving, Bob Everhart, the President said “Take a little piece of Nebraska with you.” Not only did we do that, we left a big piece of our hearts with Nebraska. The three day annual NTCMA National Rural Roots Music Gathering, in its 33rd year in Fremont, Nebraska, is an event that will never be forgotten. We were able to reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is a dream come true!
Aug 24
Patsy & the Country Classics had one of the best weekends ever, and we have a lot of good ones! The 6th Annual Big Truck & Auto Show in Fishersville at the Augusta Expo Center was phenomenal. We had the privilege of being in the line up with Moore & Moore; Dean Miller (son of Roger Miller); Georgette Jones (daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette), Dion Pride (son of Charley Pride) and Mel Tillis Jr (son of Mel). Every single one of them was so talented and humble, and shared some really interesting stories about their parents, as well as performing some of their songs. The picture to the right, is of Patsy with Dion Pride, who in her words is "one of the sweetest, purest souls on the planet. His passion for the music, and the gratitude he shows is so inspirational. You cannot be around him and not smile."
May 20
Patsy & the Country Classics was awarded the Best Local Band in the Best of the Burg Competition 2021. There are many great bands and performers in the Fredericksburg area, offering different genres of music for everyone, and Patsy and the Country Classics feels blessed to have the opportunity to play for not only their city, but the Fredericksburg community as a whole as well as other areas in Virginia, Maryland and DC. A huge shout out and THANK YOU to fans who voted and continue to encourage and support us!

Winner of the Best Local Band in Fredericksburg, VA 2021